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There is a vast number of films used for window advertising and windows privacy. So called ‘One Way Vision’ film is perforated film with 1.5mm or 2mm holes most commonly used for advertising on vehicle’s back window. This is the only legal film used on vehicle’s back windows as it does not block the view through the back window. This film is also used for shops window advertising.

Transparent (clear) film is used for window advertising when a shop owner wants the film applied from inside to avoid people damaging the graphics from outside.

Windows Frosting

Frosted film (printable & non-printable film) is the most commonly used windows film of all films. Non-printable frosted film is used for privacy (the process is so called ‘windows frosting’). Printed frosted film can be used for window advertising and privacy. This film can be cut to make decorations, lettering, shapes, etc.

There are other less commonly used decorative films like mirror effect film, coloured see-through film and coloured blocking films.


Safety Glass Decal

This sticker is known as “Glass Awareness Sticker”. Glass safety stickers (translucent film) are required to be 75mm in width and 900mm to 1000mm from floor. They are designed to highlight glazed areas like glass partitions, sliding glass doors, glass corridors in public and commercial buildings, to prevent accidental collision and serious injury to a person who may not otherwise have seen the glass. They are required by the law.


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Custom-printed wallpaper is used to transform ordinary walls around offi ces, retail shops, badrooms, living-rooms into real murals. You can choose any image you want to have on your wall. There is a a range of textured wall films like canvas, crushed stone or stucco. Avery MPI 2631 Textured Wall Film is the most common wallpaper we use for our projects – low in gloss with a removable adhesive.

The film is water resistant and it can last for many years. The wall film can be cut in shapes like letters and images, too.


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