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Indoor & Outdoor Signage

An indoor or outdoor sign for your shop, office or building can be installed anywhere you want. They are further classified (by their position/location) as Wall signs, Glass signs, Reception signs, Floor signs, Ceiling signs, Hanging signs, Pylon signs, Fascia signs, etc.

Most common type of outdoor signage is called aluminium signage (known as building or shop signage) where 3mm thick aluminium composite panel is used as a substrate for cut vinyl letters or full printed vinyl graphics. Standard size of an alu panel sign is 1220mmx2440mm, and they can be cut to any size. There are larger sheets of aluminium panels (1,500mmx3,000mm), too. Also, outdoor and indoor signs can be laser or CNC cut out of many other materials not just vinyl film; e.g. acrylic/perspex, stainless steel, wood, etc.

Under awning light boxes and 3D LED acrylic letters are the most common types of illuminated signage. Based on customer requirement, we supply and install standard size and custom size LED light boxes (indoor and outdoor).

Indoor and outdoor signage is a broad term for many type of signs. The signs can be non-illuminated signs or illuminated signs.


Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Signage (decals) can be classified as car signage, van signage, ute signage, truck signage, bus signage… Vehicle signage is an alternative to vehicle wrapping as it is less expensive.

Signage can be cut out of coloured vinyl or digitally printed vinyl. Signage can be also combined with partial vehicle wraps. It is by far the most cost-effective way of advertising your company products and services 24/7 wherever you move with your vehicle or trailer.

Material we use

  • We are using premium long lasting and high-quality Avery Dennison vinyl for all our printed and cut signs and decals.
  • All printed graphics is laminated with a clear protective film which protects it from UV radiation and scratching.
  • Laminated graphics can last 2-3 years longer than non-laminated graphics. There is a vast range of colours and finishes to choose from.
  • Finish: Gloss, matte, satin, carbon fiber, chrome, metallic, reflective, fluro…

Price guide

  • Typical van signge, e.g. Toyota Hiace, is around $1,000, plus designing costs. This includes spot signage (cut lettering and iamges) on all four sides with back window covered with One-Way-Vision film (perforated film).
  • Combination of signage and partial wrapping cost more than $1,000.

Design - Print - Installation

Once we agree on the scope of project then we schedule an installation and move onto designing.

Designing is the first step in the process, if a client does not have a ready to print wrap design. Once the design is finalised and confirmed then we move onto printing. Once everything is printed the graphics needs to dry for about 24-48 hours before it is ready for lamination. Once you get your vehicle to us then we have to remove a number of parts like door handle, wipers, rego plates, etc. Final step prior to installation is cleaning it thoroughly – this is the most important step. For a full wrap we will need your van for 3 days. For a partial wrap we will need it for a day or two.

Expected life of wrap film

  • Normally printed vinyl film can last for about 3-5 years (vertical sides) before it starts fading or changing its colour.
  • If vehicle is garaged then it can last much longer. As for coloured (non-printed) vinyl film, it can last longer – usually 7+ years (vertical sides). Proper maintenance is key to your wrap. Today’s wrap films are easily removable up to 5 years.


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